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Cantonese family restaurant
(That's Shanghai)
Updated: 2006-06-12 10:21

Cantonese food is known for its delectable dim sum; exotic, yet delicious, dishes; and for providing an excuse for raucous gatherings of friends and family. All these traits can be found in abundance at CFR, packaged in a sleek and stylish interior, decorated with exquisite brown and white lanterns.

The menu offers a wide range of traditional Cantonese food, including the most popular of dishes: fish with winter melon, peanuts and herb (RMB 49). Our favorite, BBQ pork with honey sauce (RMB 22), is succulent indeed, and the stewed water spinach with shrimp sauce (RMB 19) is so good one is forced to order double portions. With food that is affordable and staff eager to please, CFR is, as the name suggests, a typical example of a Cantonese family restaurant. And as 100,000,000 Cantonese will attest, that is a good thing.

Location: 4/F Xinmei Plaza, No. 999 Pudong Nanlu, by Shangchenglu
Opening time: Daily 11am-9:30pm. No cards.
Cost for two (excluding drinks): RMB 103 
Tel: 021-51341122