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Qinghai promotes three tourism "Calling Cards"
Updated: 2006-05-29 14:40

Qinghai Lake

Determined to grasp the opportunities offered by the new Qinghai-Tibet railway, Qinghai has started promoting its three tourism "calling cards" ĘC the railway, Qinghai Lake and Tibetan antelopes.

The new railway is perfect for tourism as most of the North West province's scenic spots are scattered along its route, including the Kunlun Mountain, the origin of three great rivers and the uninhabited land of Hoh Xil.

Xu Hao, Vice Director of the Qinghai Provincial Tourism Bureau, says the province will work closely with neighboring areas to turn the railway into a "golden line" through China's wild west.

Tibetan antelopes

One of China's five most beautiful lakes, Qinghai Lake in the northeast Qinghai-Tibet plateau is known for its pleasant climate, prairie landscape and birds. It's becoming increasingly popular, thanks to events like the International Tour of Qinghai Lake Road Cycling Race and the Prairie Gourmet Festival.

The home of Tibetan antelopes, Hoh Xil, was placed in the spotlight by a movie named after it. The antelopes' fame grew even further after it became one of the 2008 Olympic mascots. Visitors can now glimpse these animals and others along the Qinghai-Tibet highway, where they have been re-appearing in greater numbers after a crack down on poaching. Special sightseeing stations have been set up along the Qinghai-Tibet railway for visitors to see these highland creatures.