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Top 10 Shanghai nightspots

Updated: 2006-05-26 16:43

Just like in other cities, bars are a big part of Shanghai's nightlife. But Shanghai's bar scene has its own characteristics: a lot of foreigners of all races get together to listen to famous resident bands. Here are some of Shanghai's hot bar strips.

*Jululu: a chilled out bar strip

If you want to completely unwind in a friendly atmosphere, try Jululu St. Famous bars include Manhattan bar, the last to close at night, the Japanese style For You Bar, and Goodfellas Bar.

*Duolunlu: reminiscence in a cultural atmosphere

Duolunlu Street is a comparatively quiet bar strip. Pebble tracks and old buildings are reminiscent of Shanghai's past splendors. Famous bars include the film-themed coffee bar Old Film Cafe; the 1920 Cafe which has porcelain ware displays, and Nuosang JiaKang, a Tibetan style teahouse.

*Fuxing Park: iron triangle

There are three nightspots in Fuxing Park. Park 97 is a favorite among Shanghai's experienced nightlife animals. Guandi is frequented by Hong kong stars. Partclub, a nationwide karaoke chain, is just a five-minute-walk away, and is a fun place to unwind after shopping.

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