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Top 10 Shanghai nightspots

Updated: 2006-05-26 16:43

Just like in other cities, bars are a big part of Shanghai's nightlife. But Shanghai's bar scene has its own characteristics: a lot of foreigners of all races get together to listen to famous resident bands. Here are some of Shanghai's hot bar strips.

*Hengshan street: a classic bar strip

Next to the boisterous and colorful Huaihailu and Xujiahui, Hengshanlu is Shanghai's classic quieter bar strip.

Situated next to the embassy area, Hengshanlu is a hybrid of exotic extravagance and local down market joints. Lush phoenix trees lining the street and Western-style buildings give the feeling of being in a foreign country.

Sasha's is a typically extravagant bar on Hengshanlu located in a building that used to be the mansion of former Kuomingtang president Jiang Kaishi. After redecoration, it became a symbol of aristocracy. Sasha's has three floors, featuring a quiet cafe bar, a French restaurant, and a nightclub. The menu is only in English and the waiters don't speak Chinese.

Other popular bars are the Mexican Zapata's which has weekly dance parties; Hongfan, a popular club among young professionals and university students ( cover charge RMB 50); the simply decorated jazz bar; Hot Chocolate, and Canglongge or hiding dragon house - the only Chinese bar.

*Maoming Nanlu: Shanghai's "Sanlitun"

Much like Beijing's famous Sanlitun bar strip, Maoming Nanlu is unpretentious and simply offers patrons a good time.

Judystoo bar has been around a long time and still attracts a lot of bar-hoppers. The shining star on this street is Babyface, filled with Shanghai's beautiful people. Babyface is a lounge bar similar to trendy New York bars.

*Xintiandi: night market and best outdoor bar area

Reconstructed from the old Shikumen (a gate with a column stone door frame and wooden doors) area, Xintiandi exudes the flavor of old Shanghai.

Famous nightspots on Xintiandi include Shanghai Dongmei Canyin Yule Zhongxin (Dongmei Food and Entertainment Center), a meeting place for stars and their fans; Colored Glaze Restaurant owned by Taiwanese film star Yang Huishan with a colorful crystal palace dining room; a French restaurant featuring Parisian cabaret and an underground cellar dining room; a Japanese music restaurant playing hot rock music every night; and a South American flavor Brazilian barbeque restaurant.

There are also many fashionable stores closely following the international trends in the area. But watch your wallet because Xintiandi is famous for its high prices.

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