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Top 10 Shanghai nightspots

Updated: 2006-05-26 16:43

Piles of office paperwork may wear them out, but that doesn't stop trendy young women's pursuit of fashion. Fashion mavens make good use of their time after work scurrying between the shopping malls. In Shanghai, there are three major shopping districts for night-shoppers. Let's check them out.

*Nanjinglu bustling shopping street

The first business street in Shanghai, the well-known Shiliyangchang developed in the early 20th century selling imported goods, Nanjinglu has long been China's best and busiest shopping street running from the Bund in the east to Jingan Temple in the west. The pedestrian section connecting the Bund to the People's Square is where Shanghai locals like to go shopping.

Don't miss the four 19th century department stores - Shanghai No.1 Department Store, formerly Daxin; Huanlian Shopping Mall, formerly Yongan; Shanghai Fashion Company, formerly Xianshi, and the No.1 Food Store, formerly Xinxin.

As well as these large department stores, there are small specialist shops like Laofengxiang Gold shop, Laojiefu Silk shop, Wuliangcai Glasses shop, and Guociqi national porcelain shop as well as plenty of restaurants.

Prices of many products are negotiable despite their price tags and tired shoppers can ride the mini-sightseeing car circling the pedestrian street for RMB 2.

*Sophisticated Huaihai Street

Huaihailu is as famous as Nanjinglu for its shopping. Nanjinglu may be the symbol of Shanghai shopping but Huaihailu is more tasteful, stylish and fashionable.

Even window shopping and strolling along Huaihailu is a pleasure. All the stores are stylishly decorated and shoppers are greeted by well-mannered, fashionably dressed young staff.

Huaihailu has 400 stores, and the most prosperous part is the 2.2 km street between Shaanxilu and Xizanglu where the Pacific Department Store, Huaihai shop and Shanghai Times Plaza are located. Famous stores include Parkson, Printemps, Yongxin Mansion and Huating Isetan, selling top-class brands at sky-high prices. There are also some specialty shops, such as Women's Stuff Shop, Gujin Bra Shop, and Quanguo Tutechan selling products from all over China.

*Rising Xujiahui

Xujiahui's charm lies in its mix of stores. Dongfang Shangsha (Oriental Mansion), Pacific Department Store, and Huijin Department Store offer top-class brands, Liumai mainly sells averagely priced brands, and Huilian Mansion sells cheaper products with weekend specials.

There are also plenty of trendy restaurants for hungry shoppers at Xujiahui. On the ground floor of Ganghui Square, there is a European style outdoor cafe strip selling fashionable food. Opposite is the Hongji Leisure Plaza selling everything from mutton shashlik (a kind of kebab) to Brazilian barbecues, homemade dishes and delicacies of every kind. The cafe street on Tianyaoqiaolu specializes in household dishes.

Xujiahui also features a Catholic church, an astronomical observatory and Shanghai's earliest library.

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