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Nexus 11: lounge and bar
(Shanghai Star)
Updated: 2006-05-12 10:03

Think of Hengshan Road and all that probably comes to mind is a sea of flashing neon and somewhat average bars. Now there is at least one exception-Nexus 11 Lounge & Bar, featuring a wide selection of international wines, beers, cocktails, liqueurs, Martinis and Champagne.

Opened April 7 with a gorgeous launch party starring world famous DJs including Matt Kitshon (Australia), Andy (China), Baru (Japan) and Hoshika (Japan), plus Geraldo Lucio and Ronnie Williams, world-class drummers and musicians, Nexus 11 has become a new popular nightlife spot in Shanghai.

The bar itself is also impressive- looking. With flames flickering across the bar. Red is the main tone of the club, which may bring to mind the always hot club Bar Rouge, which also has lots of red, located on the Bund.

But Nexus 11 does not steal its design ideas from that bar. In fact, it has its own reason for going crimson. The experienced bar manager, Shering, who has also successfully managed the After Party Bar and the Dragon Bar, said that she wanted to present a warm feeling to the clientele, while cold colours produce distance from them.

Nexus 11 especially pays attentions to its clientele's musical tastes. It separates the DJ area from the live performing area, presenting fashionable electronic music and the fascination of live entertainments respectively.

While DJs spin cool tunes or performers offer live entertainments, you can either dance the night away on the dance floor or sip a cocktail.

Music Style: Live/DJ
Location: Block 11, Diploma Plaza, No. 4, Hengshanlu
Opening time: 7 pm-late
Tel: 021-64721088