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Club Platinum Miu
By Jun and Xiao Jiang (Shanghai Star )
Updated: 2006-05-11 11:06

Adding to the latest deluge of new nightspots, Club Platinum Miu opened its doors with a Smirnoff-fuelled launch party last month, bringing a touch of verve to this quiet corner of the French Concession.

Well-designed and spacious, the long black-topped bar is backed with flickering flames, leather sofa areas lend a sense of elegance whilst the minimalist red-washed walls add just the right amount of decadence, heating up an already sensual ambience.

The whole place has a spanking new feel, a cleanliness which happily extends to the toilets, always a pleasant surprise in clubland.

Ample seating with tiered platforms and an array of tables with high stools cleverly utilizes the space and provides a comfortable vantage point from which to watch things kick off on the dance floor.

Charming waiters serve drinks from an extensive menu with many well-mixed cocktails priced around 50 yuan (US$6). A stage provides a platform for visiting live acts.

What's more, it will be interesting to see whether in upcoming nights the Air Hostesses or Miu Idols-a hodgepodge of amateur singers searching for fame-will do justice to this sophisticated venue.

Music Style: Rock, R&B, house
Address: No. 285, West Jianguo Road, near Xiangyang Road
Tel: 021-54590125
Hours: 9 pm-late