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The Coffee Mill of Jamaica
By Charmaine Clarke (CityWeekend)
Updated: 2006-05-09 11:00

Nestled in the Tong Mao Hotel lobby in Pudong, this Jamaican import brews authentic Blue Mountain coffee timed to the hip-swaying beats of reggae music playing softly in the background.

Though most Jamaicans stick to the milk and/or sugar combination, adding rum and other tipples has become popular amongst middle to upper class Jamaicans. Thus, amongst the smorgasbord of blends and brews on offer, you'll find creations like the decadent Cafe Frappe (coffee blended with ice, condensed milk, and topped with cinnamon or nutmeg RMB 80) or the Cafe Calypso (espresso with a splash of potent Jamaican rum, coconut milk and nutmeg, RMB 100).

If you want to take home a taste of Jamaica, the coffee shop also sells bags of Blue Mountain Coffee and Jamaican spices.

Location: No. 357, Songlinlu, Pudong
Tel: 021-68405002
Perfect for: leisurely sips as you read