Musical bag of arty interior

By Wen Jun and Xiao Jiang (Shanghai Star )
Updated: 2006-04-30 13:49

Musical bag of arty interiorFuturistic BonBon, backed by the world famous UK dance company "Godskitchen," entered Shanghai last November, with hardcore house, electro and break beats, and visiting turntable celebrities.

BonBon is located at the intersection of Central Huaihai Road and Hengshan Road, the most charming and bustling venue in Shanghai, which is said to be the epitome of today's Shanghai trendy nightlife.

BonBon means "candy" in French. It sounds like the opening of Champagne, which brings a happy party feeling to people. It is also similar to the Chinese word "Bengbeng," an act of jumping. In a word, it represents the joyful and sweet.

The club's look is the work of Milan designer Patricia Urquiola and Matino. The core design idea is "ideal lounge Shanghai 2005," a concept based on exploring human space in the future.

With an area of more than 2,000 square metres, BonBon can hold more than 2,000 people. It offers 34 tables, 30 seats at the bar, and 8 VIP rooms. Sitting on the cozy and luxurious Italian sofas, VIP guests will enjoy the best service in Shanghai.

All the furniture in BonBon was designed by Patricia Urquiola on her own. The retractable T stage can be unfolded and placed across the main bar. Together with abundant glass and mirrors, the design has greatly increased people's visual enjoyments.

BonBon features electronic music, the mainstream music style in clubs today. You many find various genres here. From techno to house, deep house, and trance, BonBon promises to stimulate the spirit of music deep in your souls.

Every weekend, exceptional DJs under "Godskitchen" will hit the dance floors. At other times, fashion shows are held there.

"The God Father" party will be held April 29, with mixed music styles. DJ Chris Lee and the band, "Lollipop," will perform that night.

On May 11, the world's leading trance DJ, Paul Oakenfold, rated No. 11 in DJ Mag Top 100, will present the "Smirnoff" party.

Music Style: Electronic (progressive/electro/house)
Location: 2F Yunhai Tower, No. 1329, Huaihai Zhonglu
Opening time: 9 pm-late, Tuesday-Saturday
Cost: Beer RMB 50-60; cocktails RMB 55; snacks RMB 20-50
Tel: 13321939299


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