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Experience halal
(China Daily)
Updated: 2009-11-28 10:34

Experience halal

De Shun Lou (德顺楼) Muslim Restaurant is located in Beijing's Muslim area of Niujie.

Unsurprisingly, its specialty is delicious halal beef and mutton dishes.

Braised beef tail (红烧牛尾) and plain steamed mutton slices (清蒸牛肉) are two of the most frequently ordered dishes here.

But there are also some classic options on offer. Dried fried mutton slices (爆糊), for example, are made from slices of the lamb's hind leg and fried with ginger, garlic, spring onion, coriander, and yellow rice wine. There are also fried mutton slices with egg and black fungus, flavored with vinegar (醋溜苜蓿).

You can find Muslim-style Peking roast duck (清真烤鸭) here. Steamed and deep-fried duck cubes with walnuts (桃仁鸭方), and braised beef with chestnuts (栗子牛肉) are also worth trying.

The restaurant's decor and service are a throwback to the past. The furniture is functional and clean; the ambience, ordinary. The portions are generous but the presentation is simple. Plan for an average spending of 50 yuan per person.

Daily 10 am-2 pm, 4:30-9 pm. 11 Niujie Street, Xuanwu district. Opposite the mosque. 5837-3366. 宣武区牛街11号(礼拜寺对面)