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Love's in the air
By Chen Nan (China Daily)
Updated: 2009-11-07 10:08

Romantic stories are not just about laughter and tears. They are also about big money - and big stars. With more mainland moviemakers and actors eyeing this genre, actors from Hong Kong and Taiwan, are looking to grab a bigger share of the lucrative romance pie.

Love's in the air

My Airhostess Roommate that is now playing in cinemas around the country, is adapted from a popular online novel. Starring mainland actress Wang Luodan and popular Taiwan actor Wilson Chen, it tells the story of a hedonistic young urbanite and a beautiful airline hostess. The two are forced to live under the same roof and eventually fall in love. Its one of the most highly anticipated romantic comedies this season.

Already immensely popular thanks to his modeling and TV dramas, Taiwan pop idol Mike He now appears in Hong Kong director Alfred Cheung Kin-Ting's latest romance, Love at Seventh Sight, co-starring mainland actress Li Xiaolu, a Golden Horse award winner.

A documentary maker from Hong Kong meets a Beijing girl, Bai Ye, who dreams of traveling around the planet. He invites her to join him on his road adventure. As they fall in love, she tells him about her fatal disease and soon leaves him. Heartbroken, the young man goes back to Hong Kong and meets another girl who resembles Bai. A confused He decides to explore the truth behind the coincidence.

Other films running at cinemas include:

This Is It

The final work of the "King of Pop", made from more than 100 hours of rehearsal footage for his planned London concerts, shows an enthusiastic Jackson crafting his moves and performing some of his most beloved hits. Directed by Kenny Ortega.

Astro Boy

Japan's manga cartoon character with special powers makes his big-screen debut by embarking on a journey seeking acceptance. This time he makes good use of his X-ray vision, lightning speed and his ability to fly as he encounters a range of colorful characters and experiences the gamut of human emotions that help him transcend his robotic identity. When he finally returns to his hometown Metro City, however, he learns that his family and friends are in danger and is called upon to save the day.

Radish Warrior

Crazy Stone's bumbling thief Huang Bo plays a 50-year-old amateur inventor in this comedy directed by first-time director Tian Meng.