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Cardin creates spectacle
By Gan Tian (China Daily)
Updated: 2009-10-31 14:17

Cardin creates spectacle

Pierre Cardin's 2010 spring summer collection at Honglingjin Park in Beijing was more of a drama than a fashion show.

Love in Venice had models cat walking along a long wooden platform that stretched from the park's lake to the park's banks.

A student orchestra provided the musical accompaniment and the conductor dressed in a wig to look like a figure from Merchant of Venice.

The word "ordinary" best describes the men's apparel, harking back to old Pierre Cardin style, its patterns and colors. Black long outer garments were slim cut; while women's wear had a Florence style, with big sleeves, long gowns, and slim-cut evening dresses.

Though the collection is for autumn and winter, the brand adds short, silk dresses, one-pieces, and light gowns. A blue-and-white dress with many layers had a scarf with Chinese ink-and-wash print.

Colors were summery: orange, pink, and red and there were even leather sandals. The designer clearly wants to create a "light, lovely, and passionate" feeling for this boring season.

The last costume was inspired by a Japanese kimono, with its straight-cut lines. When the model walked to the center of the stage and opened her arms, two long sleeves fell to the ground.

She walked to the edge of the water, a small Italian-style boat approached and she threw a rose into the boat. The scene indicated that Venice is a romantic city. It was a dramatic ending.