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Shanghai:Stars compete in first-ever Kappa gold tournament
(China Daily)
Updated: 2009-09-21 16:09

Shanghai:Stars compete in first-ever Kappa gold tournament

Shanghai:Stars compete in first-ever Kappa gold tournament

The first Kappa Cup Golf Tournament Award Presentation Ceremony and the launch of Kappa GOLF products recently made their head start at the Beijing CBD International Golf Club. The tournament has drawn the attention of a number of famous sport and entertainment celebrities. Famous stars such as Sun Nan, Wang Zhiwen, Huang Gexuan, Song Xiaobo and Ma Yanhong as well as leaders from the China Golf Association took part in the tournament to give their best stroke to win the Kappa Cup.

Participated celebrities from the sport and entertainment fields were divided into two teams to take part in the 18-hole competition. The tournament went smoothly and the two teams demonstrated great enthusiasm despite the hot weather condition. Led by Song Xiaobo, a famous basketball player, the sport team defeated the entertainment star team which was headed by Sun Nan, winning the Kappa Cup Fashion Title. There were other awards designed for this competition. Xu Yajun won the Male Trophy while Ma Yanhong was crowned with the Female Trophy. Yu Xiaogang won the Driver Award and the Put Award went to Cao Gang.

During the friendly competition, a red-carpet press conference was held to launch the Kappa GOLF products. Award ceremony was also conducted to congratulate the winning team and individuals. Through such an event, guests participated in the competition gained a deeper understanding of Kappa GOLF products. Over the years, Kappa has been well known for its fashionable design, eye-catching colors and customized tailor. Based on its unique interpretation of fashion beauty and sports spirits, Kappa has introduced grace and elegance to the golf market, which demonstrated the Group's profound understanding and experience related to fashionable sport.

As an extension of the Kappa brand product offering, Kappa GOLF was led by a leading design team from Japan. Good combination of astute understanding of fashion, years of experience in design and in-depth study on sportswear led to exceptional product offerings. Having studied the art of golfing, the group implemented a series of product research and development. Based on the structure of human bodies, Kappa GOLF aligned high tech and other high quality features thoroughly and flexibly, enabling its products to be absorbent, easy drying and stretchable. The high-tech sweat proven line can easily dissolve ammonia so that the product will not be sweaty and smelly. Additionally, its materials are ultraviolet radiation proven. In such a way, athletes can still be relaxed in hot weather conditions.

The advanced materials make Kappa GOLF outfit a perfect choice for all weather conditions. High product qualities such as intelligent cutting and exquisite production methods offer customers the maximum comfort and flexibility. "Golfing is an arty sport where sportsmen expose their skills in a sunny environment. Based on this principle, we would like our products to infuse more sunshine and pleasure to golfers", commented Kappa's China spokesman. Kappa GOLF's superior product quality and professional research and development capability will build the first-class brand among other high end golf brands, introducing new and different experience to sportsman who love golfing.

As a professional golfing brand, Kappa GOLF not only integrates with the culture and taste of golfing, but also inherits the sporty yet fashionable DNA of the Kappa brand. In terms of design, Kappa Golf introduces sharp and eye catching colors such as yellow, red and pink, adding more energetic elements to the green golf field. "As people's living standards improve and more and more people become affluent, sport plays an important role in healthy living. Fundamentally, sports itself is a form of fashion," said Kappa spokesman. Kappa GOLF promotes healthy lifestyle and fashionable sports with individualism. It has made one step further by illustrating that sport is not purely about winning.

So far, Kappa GOLF has become the designated appointed brand for the HSBC Championships, one of the four major 2009-2011 World GOLF Championships.