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Shanghai:Movie reel
By Chen Nan (China Daily)
Updated: 2009-09-21 15:48

You Owe Me RMB 105,000

After playing petty criminal Dao Ge in director Ning Hao's national hit Crazy Stone in 2006, actor Liu Hua is hailed as one of the most popular supporting actors in Chinese film.

Liu carries this claim well in two of the latest films to hit the big-screen, continuing to impress audiences with stellar, raw performances.

Shanghai:Movie reel

In You Owe Me RMB 105,000, a black humor comedy by young director Ji Yu, Liu helps immigrant worker Er Wang seek their rightful wages from their sly, cunning boss. In a cat-and-mouse game, they use the most ridiculous means to get their boss to cough up their salaries.

With clever scriptwriting by Shu Ping, who wrote the lines for director Zhang Yimou's Keep Cool decade ago, Liu makes it easy for audiences to laugh along with him.

Meanwhile the ups and downs of a local community in southern Beijing is the centre of director An Zhanjun's new film, Glittering Days. In this film, Liu plays a lazy, idling Beijinger from the city's southern Xuanwu District.

Adapted from a classic drama of the same name, the movie tells the story of a local family who has been living in the same courtyard for generations. When they finally get the chance to move into a brand new apartment, which they have been longing for all their lives, they realize just how much they miss their narrow, crowded hutong, filled with old memories.

The picture is a profound reflection on traditional Beijing life as it struggles to move forward without forgetting past ways. Veteran actress Jin Yaqin compliments this film with her role as an old mother who is very much nostalgic of her youthful days.

Other films now showing at cinemas:

Dada's Dance

Dada is the neighborhood coquette who lives with her divorced mother and works at a pool hall. The boy next door, Zhao, has a crush on her.

One morning she catches him spying on her as she dances, but continues to flirt with him. Her mother's new boyfriend also has eyes for her. But when he reveals that she's adopted, Dada packs her bag and leaves town with Zhao to search for her birth mother. Directed by Zhang Yuan.

Shanghai:Movie reel

The Founding of a Republic

The film centers on the founding of the People's Republic of China in 1949, and features 200 big-name actors. Directed by Han Sanping and Huang Jianxin, the film is a gift to the 60th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China.


Directed by sixth generation director Guan Hu, the film is set in the winter of 1940. Peasant Niu Er's job is to protect the village dairy cow, which supplies milk for wounded Chinese soldiers. When all the other villagers are killed by enemy Japanese troops, Niu remains committed to protecting the cow. Starring comic Huang Bo and Yan Ni.