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Bite the Apple
By Gan Tian (China Daily)
Updated: 2009-08-29 10:39

Since Apple opened its first retail store in Sanlitun, Chaoyang district last year, it has attracted thousands of customers, while its free courses have also become popular.

Bite the Apple

The store offers a complete line of Macs and iPods and delivers all the services that have become the hallmark of Apple's retail stores, including the "Genius" Bar for free suggestions and technique support, in-store workshops, and personal training.

Apple store's summer camp allows children between 8 and 12 to learn about taking photos, compiling music, and using PowerPoint. The 3-hour course is free, but customers need to apply online one day before the course starts.

If you are a music fan, you can go to the Apple store at 10 am till 12 pm on Sunday for a GarageBand lecture. Free, the lecturer will instruct you on how to use the software, record, remix, and edit songs.

Many people think Photoshop is difficult to learn, but Apple's software, iPhoto, is much easier. The course starts at 2 pm on Sunday afternoon and can help you organize, polish, and print your photos. There are many more free courses on iWork, iPod and iTunes usage for you to check.

Building 6, The Village at Sanlitun, Courtyard 19, Sanlitun Lu, Chaoyang district. 6419-8900