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Mushroom feast
(China Daily)
Updated: 2009-08-29 10:36

Mushroom feastMushroom feast

LAN Club has cooked up an all-mushroom feast, featuring wild mushrooms from Yunnan, which are believed to have medical properties. There will be matsutake, dry Ganba mushroom, and Jizong "chicken" mushroom. Dishes cost from 48-228 yuan each. 5109-6012

Internet wine shop

A new Chinese wine shop website,, started in August. The website has been on-line since June, and has just published its first list of wines and liquors available for sale. In a recent press release, they claimed to offer more than 2,000 different wines, beer, whisky, white liquor, spirits, yellow wine and cocktails, from 30 countries and regions. The website claims to sell at a price 20-30 percent lower than the market.