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Acrobats pull a stunt
By Chen Jie (China Daily)
Updated: 2009-08-22 14:01

Acrobats pull a stunt

Magic shows and Russian circuses have captivated kids and adults this summer in the capital. Now it's the turn of Chinese acrobats, whose breath-taking stunts have won awards at Monte Carlo and Las Vegas and have conquered the hearts of people from around the world.

Those who think of acrobatics as endless hoop-jumping and ball-juggling will change their minds after seeing shows at the Forbidden City Concert Hall today - in the afternoon and at night.

China National Acrobatic Troupe produces a lavish theatrical extravaganza with impressive music, lighting and costumes, plus traditional plate spinning, umbrella and diabolo juggling, cycling feats and hoop jumping.

Rope walking is a traditional performance art dating back 2,000 years to the Han Dynasty (206 BC-AD 220). In the show, a rope is substituted by a tight wire and the acrobats perform cart wheels and somersaults on the trembling wire.

In another act, with the help of a big robe and some pieces of cotton cloth, the conjurer brings forth various glass bowls filled with water and live fish, as well as a burning brazier. While taking off a robe, the conjurer again produces a big glass bowl with fish in it at the end of a somersault.

In meteor juggling, the performer swings a rope with two glass bowls filled with water fastened to its ends.

He tosses it up and performs difficult feats, such as a forward roll and backward somersault and then catches it again while continuing to dance and turn. All without spilling water.

Pole climbing is another traditional act, in which the acrobats not only climb the poles but also jump from one pole to the other, swiftly descend and perform other stunts.

2 pm and 7:30 pm, today

Inside the Zhongshan Park

6559-8306, 6559-8285