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Folk musician sings in praise of Motherland
(China Daily)
Updated: 2009-08-14 09:34

Folk musician sings in praise of Motherland

China Armed Police Band's solo singer Cheng Xiaoying will perform the Report to my Motherland solo concert.

Cheng will sing traditional Chinese songs, Chinese operas, military songs, folk music and, songs written by herself.

Cheng entered the China Conservatory with the highest score for folk singing, and then studied under the China's famous music professor, Zhu Yiwei.

Because of her amazing performances, she has sung at all kinds of major events. She has also won medals in singing competitions at home and abroad.

After being admitted to the China Armed Police Band in 2000, she perfected her skills at the PLA Art Academy as a graduate, following vocal professor Ma Qiuhua.

Cheng not only focuses on folk music, but also cares about the preservation of traditional arts.

She once went to the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau to experience life there, and tried to sing at the altitude of 4,450 m, saying that "it was the hardest thing to sing at such a high altitude, but I was amazed the performers there could sing so beautifully."

7:30 pm, Aug 18

The Concert Hall, National Center for the Performing Arts