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Model Meng steers road safety on the right path
By He Na (China Daily)
Updated: 2009-08-10 17:45

Meng's "parking card" originated from carefully investigation. He first noticed that most of taxi drivers were not aware they were parking at wrong places. During his spare time, Meng visited nearby shops and finally drew a map of taxi stops.

Using his own money, he printed many cards and handed them out free to taxi drivers.

Meng's plan was adopted throughout the entire district and the rate of taxi illegal parking was reduced by 95 percent.

His colleague Zhen Fuchun says Meng is very popular among older people who are quick to offer a big bottle of water.

"I was very moved when I saw an old lady volunteered to hold umbrella for him during a rainy day," he says.

According to Wu Yanhui, team leader of Guang'anmen Traffic Police Team, during Meng's eight years' span as a traffic police, he has no record of asking leave due to personal reasons for a single time, even when both of his parents were in hospital before Olympics.

Last year he was assigned for the task of escorting during Olympics and he did not go home during the 122 days.

Born in a rich family, Meng says he now has found joy through the work, despite hardship.

"I am very proud of my career and the reorganization and understanding of people are the best rewards for me than everything, Meng adds.

"I hope one day I could have a long holiday and go for a trip with my family that is my biggest wish now, " Meng says.

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