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Model Meng steers road safety on the right path
By He Na (China Daily)
Updated: 2009-08-10 17:45

Model Meng steers road safety on the right path

Award-winner Meng Kunyu is stationed at a busy intersection in downtown Beijing. Dong Shibiao

A woman's scream brings the public bus to a sudden halt in the middle of the Beijing street blocking rush-hour traffic.

Traffic police officer Meng Kunyu rushes onboard and sees a 50-something woman lying on the floor clutching her chest. "Calm down, everyone," Meng shouts to the anxious commuters. "It must be heart attack."

He swiftly takes out a small bottle from his first aid kit and inserts a special tablet into the woman's mouth.

The "cardiac revival" pill was administered just in time and the Beijing mother is alive to today thanks to the efforts of one of China's most highly praised model citizens.

Meng's outstanding service over the past eight years has won him many prizes, including the Capital Model Worker Award in May, and China's "First Class" bravery award, a prize reserved for the military.

The life-saving action of the 28-year-old traffic officer, from Beijing's Xuanwu district, has helped change police procedure and all officers in his district now carry the same medicine. Five people have been saved as a result of the plan.

Meng, who makes 3,000 yuan ($439) per month, is stationed at a busy intersection near Guang'anmen and for eight years has worked his beat from dawn to dusk.

He is just one of an army of 7,000 traffic officers battling against the capital's rising tide of traffic.

Their efforts are helping save lives. Last year 986 people died on Beijing's roads, 196 less than that of 2007.

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