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Updated: 2009-08-08 16:07

Movie reel


In most kids' movies, children laugh at certain jokes and adults laugh at others. In Pixar's latest animated blockbuster, Up, everyone seems to be in on the jokes.

Living up to its simple title, the movie mixes drama, comedy and action to create a wonderful journey out of an airborne house, a bad-tempered pensioner, a whiny schoolboy and some talking dogs. Directors Pete Docter and Bob Peterson have somehow managed to find just the right balance of entertainment, sentimentality and comic relief to keep all viewers firmly in their seats.

At the center of Up is Carl Fredriksen (voiced by Edward Asner), a retired 78-year-old balloon salesman who finally fulfills his lifelong dream of heading to South America on an adventure - courtesy of thousands of balloons tied to his house.

The dream is not quite complete, however, as it was supposed to have taken place with his late, and sorely missed, wife Ellie. Content to stare at old photographs of them together, Carl's nostalgic interludes are soon broken by the discovery of nine-year-old stowaway Russell, a wide-eyed and hugely optimistic Wilderness Explorer.

Up breaks away from standard animated-feature fare by winding in intense emotional subplots and tender narration about Carl's younger days with his wife. Carl also shows hints of Russell's childlike enthusiasm when he sees black-and-white newsreel images of his idol, the famous aviator and explorer Charles Muntz. Later, Carl and Ellie's romance and life together is beautifully shot as a 4-minute-long silent montage that effectively tugs on the old heart strings.

With his box-shaped head and huge snub nose, Carl is not a typical Pixar hero. But when the colorful balloons burst through the top of his wooden house, it's as if a thousand imaginative thoughts had finally been set free.

Disney Pixar's 3-D adventure Up opens at cinemas citywide from Aug 4.

Movie reel

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