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With Jet Li-One Foundation charity
(China Daily)
Updated: 2009-05-12 10:15

With Jet Li-One Foundation charity

Thousands have been inspired by Jet Li's rags-to-riches tale as he rose to become one of Hollywood's kungfu legends. Now he hopes to teach his fans a new lesson about giving.

The kungfu star turned philanthropist said he hopes his One Foundation charity, established in 2007, will help further promote the idea of public welfare among both corporate enterprises and everyday citizens in China by encouraging people to donate for the greater public good.

To build more momentum on the issue, Li was recently in Shanghai, where he teamed up with local advertising company TouchMedia to launch a series of charitable collector stamps.

Li shared his vision and understanding about charity work in China with Shanghai Star Weekend reporter Ma Zhenhuan.

Q: How will your One Foundation commemorate the one-year anniversary of the May 12 earthquake in Sichuan?

A: We will launch a large-scale public welfare campaign called One Family, Walk Together in May, in which the foundation will bring people to visit Sichuan a year after the deadly quake.

We are also working on an online computer game that enables people worldwide to register and take part in a virtual tour of Sichuan.

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