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Campus with patriotism
(China Daily)
Updated: 2009-04-17 09:53

Campus with patriotism

The play My National Southwestern Associated University will be staged at Peking University Centenary Hall next Tuesday and Wednesday, telling a story about passion and patriotism.

The play is based on students' stories at National Southwestern Associated University, which only existed from 1937-45 but was said to be the best university in China at the time. Formed collectively by Tsinghua University, Peking University and Nankai University when the War of Resistance Against Japan broke out, students struggled for knowledge and fought for their country.

The play conveys a vivid picture of their hard work, recalling the relationship between teachers and students, love and hatred, life and study.

Former actor Yang Lixin is the play's director. "Bringing the deep meaning of the words to the stage was important," he says. "Changing my role to director was not very hard because the play is so good."

Yang says every corner of the stage is full of realism. Playwright Liu Jinyuan says because the topic is so moving, it only took them eight and half days to finish the script. He also stresses the play returns to a traditional, realistic style. The setting for all six scenes is a two-story ancient Kunming-style courtyard that was trucked from Yunnan and reassembled on stage.

7 pm, April 21, 22

Peking University Centenary Hall, 5 Yiheyuan Lu, Haidian district