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Beijing Listing:Stage,concerts and exhibition
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Updated: 2009-04-03 09:34


Beijing Listing:Stage,concerts and exhibition

The Peking Opera White Snake is to be staged by a strong cast from the China National Peking Opera Theater and two other ensembles. The popular fairytale tells a story about a couple of snake sisters - the white snake and the green snake. The love of a human being turns them into a pair of beauties, Bai Suzhen and Xiaoqing, and they tour the world.

7 pm, April 10

Peking University Centenary Hall, Peking University, Haidian district


Adapted from Ming Dynasty Tang Xianzu's famous opera Peony Pavilion, the modern ballet Interrupted Dream presents a love story with a time travel twist. The heroin Du Liniang meets Liu Mengmei in a dream and falls in love with him. After hundreds of years, she finds him in the present day and finally returns to her dream. Directed by Wang Yuanyuan, the ballet is staged by the Beijing Contemporary Ballet Troupe.

7:30 pm, April 8-12

Nine Theater, Chaoyang Culture Center, Xiaozhuang, Chaoyang district


Classic Kunqu Opera is on at the Imperial Granary, a perfect venue. The Imperial Granary was rebuilt in the Ming Dynasty 600 years ago, exactly at the time the Kunqu Opera was written.


22 Dongsi Shitiao, Dongcheng district

380-1,980 yuan, including Peking Roast Duck Buffet

The Chinese Acrobatics Group has toured more than 80 countries and helped foster friendships with other nations. Its performance includes traditional acrobatics, a circus show, magic and old Beijing folk plays. The show blends music, dance, local opera and martial arts.

7:30 pm, daily

Tiandi Theater, Dongsi Shitiao, Chaoyang district


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