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A taste of Shanghai
By Duncan Trevor-Wilson (
Updated: 2008-09-19 13:58

In the land of the food loving Middle kingdom, where there are restaurants on every street corner, it is hard to set apart the memorable from the mediocre, at some point your memory will start to blur and your taste buds would no longer tingle.

Lu Lu enjoys a widely recognized name however it is one of the above. It offers familiarity and certain degree of comfort of knowing exactly what to expect from each dish – what I call the McDonalds factor, some reliable taste wherever you go.

Just in case you are not familiar with Shanghainese signature dishes, here is a quick look at what’s on offer at Lu Lu:

Sweet and Sour Pork – its plumy and not so sour, generally considered an enticer for your appetite. Not you’re usual overseas Chinese restaurant style with batter and pineapple, this one has bones.

Crystal Shrimp – a small mountain of petite freshwater shrimp makes up this classic dish, it would’ve taken some poor kitchen help hours to peel those juicy suckers out. However, it is refreshingly yummy, best eaten with a drizzle of vinegar.

Lion’s Head – Super finely chopped minced Pork balls marinated in dark sauce (soya sauce & sugar) till every inch is at flavour capacity, the strong flavors are best eaten with rice.

Braised crabmeat & roe with bean curd – crab roe to the Shanghainese is like Shark fin to the Cantonese, it upgrades a meal to a gourmet experience. A sign of good crab roe is a distinct fragrance and a subtle sweetness; it can be an acquired taste, best eaten hot.

Shanghainese food is all about highly skilled knife work a labor of love in its preparation, finely chopped ingredients painstakingly collected crab roe, this is the hallmark of dishes from the Pearl River delta, enjoy.

Dinner Avg: 250 RMB per person

Lu Lu Restaurant (Beijing branch)
9 Fuxing Road, West
side of the Military Museum, Beijing
Tel: (86-10-) 6858 3661

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