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China's Permanent Mission to WTO inaugurated


China's first ambassador to the World Trade Organization (WTO) Sun Zhenyu held an inauguration ceremony of the China's Permanent Mission to WTO in Geneva Monday.

The new ambassador extended his thanks to all the WTO members who have given support to China in its bid to the world trade body.

Sun said that China has formally become a WTO member after 15 years' arduous negotiations.

"After its WTO accession, China will, on the basis of balanced rights and obligations, strictly abide by WTO rules and earnestly honor its commitments so as to make positive contributions to the improvement and strengthening of the multilateral trade regime," said Sun.

WTO Director-General Mike Moore said at the ceremony that "membership in the WTO is a defining moment both for the WTO and for China."

He said that both will change and their change and evolution will shape our world in this century and beyond. The range and increased depth of the WTO's membership will serve a pivotal role in underpinning global economic cooperation.

Sha Zukang, China's ambassador to UN in Geneva, as well as China's first three chief negotiators for the resumption of China's GATT Contracting Party Status and its WTO accession, Shen Jueren, Tong Zhiguang and Gu Yongjiang, were also present at the inauguration ceremony.

Ambassadors, Representatives of the WTO member countries, officials from the United Nations office in Geneva, as well as officials from other international organizations in Geneva attended the ceremony.

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