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This year marks the 50th anniversary of the founding of Tibet autonomous region. The China Daily website profiles ten ordinary people, providing a snapshot of life in contemporary Tibet and the great changes the region has experienced over the past 50 years.

Xu Fengxiang, 84, a legend in Chinese ecological circles

The love affair with nature has been running deep through Xu Fengxiang's veins, and it became an obsession in 1978 when she headed for Tibet to begin research into the high-altitude ecosystems.

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Tenzin Yontan, a Buddhist monk at the Champa Ling Monastery

If you spend 30 minutes checking Tenzin Yontan's social networking posts, you'll quickly get a good idea of his three main interests: Tibetan Buddhism; his family; and social engagement.

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Pasang Tsering, Tashigang village head

A pure, holy and tranquil mountain village comes first forever – that's what Pasang Tsering, a Tibetan village head, with business acumen, has learnt between the 1980s to the 2010s.

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Chojor, curator of Chojor Ancient Weapons Museum in Maizhokunggar

Chojor, once a Tibetan herdsman, is browsing his 10,000-item collection of cultural relics in the first private museum in Tibet named after him.

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Kelsang Drolka, a teacher of special education

From green hand to veteran, Kelsang Drolkar witnessed a continuously developing progress in Tibet's special education from scratch.

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Dorje Tsering, an opera soprano and a teacher with Tibet University

Dubbed the Tibetan Pavarotti by foreign media, Dorje Tsering is a renowned opera soprano. He is the only Tibetan active on the intentional opera stage.

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Olo Tsering, a prayer-stone carver

The 46-year-old craftsman has spent 30 years working on religious carvings. He considers his skill to be a valuable gift to him from his ancestors, and he strives to pass it on.

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Yontan, running a yak-riding business on the banks of Namtso Lake

As the first rays of the morning sun on the plateau were pouring onto the snow-capped mountains around Namtso Lake in the Tibet autonomous region, Yontan headed to the sacred lake with his beloved white yak.

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Li Fuhua, an ethnic Bai silversmith who runs a shop at downtown Lhasa

With his deeply suntanned skin, it is hard to believe that Li is not a native of Lhasa. He settled in the city 11 years ago after traveling to many cities in China and now regards Lhasa as his second home.

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Konchok Tsethar, a hotel owner near Nam Co Lake

The Holly Sheep Hotel, near Namtso Lake in the Tibet autonomus region, is a tourist attraction with a catchy name that's easy to remember.

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