Autumn in China:Season of colors and harvest

Autumn is a time of harvest, a time of leaves turning from green to yellow and red. Let’s take a look at nine photo galleries showing the distinctive scenes in the vast China when autumn sets in.

  • sunrise

    Wonderland-like sunrise in East China

    Stunning colors

    Stunning colors celebrate China's autumn harvest

    Yunnan through the lens

    Colorful Yunnan through the lens of Italian photographer

  • Red-crowned cranes

    Red-crowned cranes take flight in China's Jilin


    Picturesque Chongli bursts into autumn colors

    autumn's golden landscapes

    Best places to enjoy autumn's golden landscapes in China

  • Autumn splendor

    Autumn splendor in Central China's Dabie Mountains

    Chinese harvest

    Chinese harvest in full swing

    Majestic sunrise

    Majestic sunrise above Muztag Ata