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Graduate: Studies 'most fulfilling I ever had'

(China Daily) Updated: 2016-07-28 09:02

Graduate: Studies 'most fulfilling I ever had'

Wang Yongfu

Wang Yongfu, who was among the first cohort graduating from Wenzhou-Kean University in May, was accepted by a computer science Master's degree program at Northwestern University in the United States.

I always dreamed of studying in the US, but my family was unable to support my four-year undergraduate studies there. So I compromised by attending this cooperative Sino-US university in China.

My parents were worried that, because the first class of a university that hadn't established its reputation, I may encounter difficulty in landing a job after graduation. But I decided to take the chance and give it a try.

I still remember the first several days, when I couldn't understand most of the lessons given by the professors all using English. Fortunately, the language barrier was overcome after I was immersed in the all-English teaching environment for a semester.

Things became more fun after I could communicate with my professors smoothly. The teaching methods professors employed are very practical, with a strong focus on developing our ability to study and work independently.

For example, in a class about computer games, the professor asked us to note our thinking and feelings about the games. Then the professor divided us into several groups based on our answers and assigned different homework to each group.

The homework was in fact a project, and the professor gave us the necessary guidance and assistance during the whole process to ensure that the project could be completed. It's really a rewarding process.

The professor also encouraged us to present our findings at academic conferences, including at some international ones. Such experiences made my academic background look stronger and contributed to my successful application for graduate studies in the US.

I remember that I came to Wenzhou-Kean with doubts and concerns four years ago. Now looking back, it was the most fulfilling and creative period I ever had.

Wang Yongfu spoke with Zhao Xinying.

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