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Income inequality has to be addressed immediately. The party should ensure a fair market and equal opportunities for all the people and businesses.
Justice reforms are a highlight of the meeting and I hope the Fourth Plenary Session of the 18th Party Central Committee can contribute to and set the new direction of China's justice reforms.
I think the government should pursue efforts to further build the country's judicial credibility and strictly regulate the judicial actions.
My focus is completely on the problem of anti-corruption and how to avoid corruption in the prosecutor departments.
Will there be new measures to ensure the momentum of the anti-graft movement?
I hope some productive measures and regulations about the rule of law can be announced during the meeting.
Over the past several years, we achieved many breakthroughs, but there are still so many defects. Transparency of the legal system is one of the real issues.
In my opinion, ensuring transparency and fairness in the justice system is quite important in resolving social conflicts and maintaining social stability.