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Party leader Xi Jinping has called for efforts to ensure judicial and procuratorial organs exercise the judicial and procuratorial authority independently.

The Chinese army has vowed to strictly regulate its expenditure, echoing a sweeping campaign against waste, corruption and extravagance.

China's military will use new car plates from May 1 and tighten controls on their approval, a move to stop civilian cars from carrying army plates and stamp out bogus military car licenses.

China has seen a surge in the number of students returning to the country after studying overseas, the Ministry of Education said on Thursday.

China has set a new emissions reduction target for 2013 by promoting an aggregate indicator budget control system for major pollutants, says a minister.

The Chinese government is targeting energy-efficient products as part of efforts to build a cleaner and more sustainable economy. China to close more small coal mines

The efficiency of China's economy is slipping, with money flowing much slower between different sectors than in the past, according to analysts.

The internationalization process of the yuan was given a major boost by the Chicago Mercantile Exchange.

The system safeguarding possible environmental damage is outmoded and badly in need of reform.

Relocation gives those who worked the land a chance of a new beginning in Ordos city, Inner Mongolia.

A letter urging for the legalization of same-sex marriage has been sent to deputies of the National People's Congress, Southern Metropolis reported Wednesday.

China's impoverished population has declined for the first time since the poverty line was raised in 2011, although poverty alleviation work remains arduous.

Construction of 10 key water projects will be promoted in Shaanxi in the next decade, after water shortages caused a bottleneck in its sustainable growth plans.

Chinese multimillionaire Chen Guangbiao steps down from the roof of a car during an event organized to parade people representing companies, which Chen claims pollute the environment, to publicly "shame" them, in Nanjing, Jiangsu province February 21, 2013