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Boost country's ID network: Lou Qinjian

By Cui Jia (
Updated: 2013-03-05 20:50

Boosting the nationwide network of identification data is key to avoid cases where one person holds multiple ID numbers that can be used for fraudulent activities, the governor of Shaanxi province said on Tuesday.

"On one hand, the government should manage the hukou (household registration) system more effectively. On the other hand, hukou management should rely on the construction of an integrated networking system and the two systems need to be synchronized," said Lou Qinjian, a deputy to the 12th National People's Congress and governor of Shaanxi province.

Hukou are a permanent residence registration and personal ID system in China. A person can have only one identity card and one hukou.

Gong Aiai, 49, a former deputy chief of Shenmu Rural Commercial Bank in Yulin, Shaanxi province, owned 41 houses with a total area of 9,666 square meters, acquired using a fake ID. Her illegally registered hukou in Beijing was revoked on Jan 24.

Beijing police found that with her illegally registered identities and hukou, Gong bought an Audi car and 10 houses with a total area of 1,945 sq m in Beijing. Police did not say whether Gong used her real identity to buy the other 31 properties.


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