Baoshan becomes richest village in Sichuan

By Tang Zhi (
Updated: 2011-05-10 18:42
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Baoshan has become the richest village in Sichuan province just three years after the deadly 2008 Wenchuan earthquake killed 56 villagers, and destroyed 14 hydropower stations and 608 houses.

Despite total losses that exceeded 2.7 billion yuan, Baoshan today is eager to show off the economic miracle that has since risen from the ruins, propelling the village to its No 1 ranking in the province.

Baoshan village is located in the northern part of Chengdu in Southwest China's Sichuan province. Due to its special terrain and climate, hydropower and travel became the pillar industries of Baoshan. Sichuan Pengzhou Baoshan Corp was established in 1983 to focus on developing hydropower and tertiary industries.

Through the end of 2009, Baoshan's total revenues reached 1.515 billion yuan, and the per capita income reached 20,058 yuan. Among the top-300 renowned villages in China, Baoshan ranked No 39 in 2008. Baoshan Corp has become an integrated multinational corporation, concentrating on hydropower, mineral resources and travel industry development.

When the devastating Wenchuan earthquake hit Sichuan province, Baoshan village in Pengzhou city lost lives, hydropower stations, houses and also its sole scenic spot, Huilonggou Valley. The valley that had been a major attraction for 30 years was destroyed.

But Baoshan residents chose not to surrender. Shortly after the earthquake, local residents joined national rescue teams to bring villagers and tourists to safety. Extensive renovation work and new construction followed.

Three years had passed when we walked what is today the richest village in Sichuan European-like style villas lined many streets, restaurants were busy, traffic was heavy with automobiles and prosperous local industries were on display. It was a miracle of post-quake restoration and reconstruction.

The director of Baoshan village told China Daily that although the two pillar industries in Baoshan were severely damaged or destroyed, Baoshan has been successful at reconstruction. Hydropower stations have been rebuilt and are in service. A high-density fiber board plant was built, and Baoshan Corp has injected capital into the mining industry in Vietnam. New scenic spots have been developed to serve a growing travel industry as part of the village's bright future.