People's livelihood a vital issue

(China Daily)
Updated: 2011-03-10 08:59
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People's livelihood is the focus of the annual sessions of the National People's Congress (NPC) and the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) National Committee. People's livelihood is important not only economically and socially, but also politically, says an article in People's Daily. Excerpts:

Premier Wen Jiabao's online chat with netizens a few days before the two sessions stressed the issue of people's livelihood, too.

CPPCC National Committee members have come up with 1,700 proposals on improving people's livelihood in the past year because the government has realized its importance.

To draft a quality proposal, people's representatives have to go to the grassroots and listen to their needs and understand their aspirations. Proposals on people's livelihood issues like soaring housing prices and healthcare are in focus this year, too.

Chinese leaders have said that during the 12th Five-Year Plan (2011-2015), the government will make efforts to implement programs on people's livelihood.

To combine its work with the 12th Five-Year-Plan's goals people's representatives have to carry out their duties and maintain their attention on social issues. People's livelihood problems may seem trivial, but they have to be solved if the government wants to increase people's happiness level and promote social harmony, and to achieve that the joint efforts of the entire country are needed.