China urges LRA to cease violence

Updated: 2011-11-15 09:00


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UNITED NATIONS - China condemned the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) for its attack on government forces and violation against civilians in affected countries in Central Africa, and urged it to stop all violence and hostilities, said a Chinese diplomat on Monday.

Wang Min, Chinese deputy permanent representative to the United Nations made the remarks at an open debate of the Security Council on the situation in Central Africa. He told the meeting that the LRA has continued to cross the borders between the affected countries in Central Africa, threatening the security of civilians and creating serious humanitarian crisis. China expresses its grave concern in this regard.

"We strongly condemn the LRA for attack against government forces of the affected countries and violation against civilians. We demand the LRA to lay down their weapons immediately, cease all violence and hostilities and except its armament," Wang noted.

The final solution of the problem of the LRA requires close cooperation between affected countries and support from regional organizations as well as vigorous assistance from the international community, Wang said.

"We welcome the African Union's effort to formulate an integrated strategy to deal with the LRA issue, appreciate the practical measures taken by relevant countries and cooperation they carried out," he said.

China hopes the UN Regional Office for Central Africa (UNOCA) to fully seek and respect the views of relevant countries, keep up its good job of communication and coordination, enhance the relevant efforts of the UN system, regional organizations and countries and make due contribution to the lasting peace and security in the region, Wang said.

China expects the secretary-general of the UN and relevant UN agencies to continue to provide practical support to affected countries and AU, help them enhance capacity building, promote economic and social development on the ground, improve humanitarian situation and play a positive role in the settlement of the problem of the LRA, he added.