Henan to cooperate with UK on AIDS prevention

Updated: 2011-05-25 14:25
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ZHENGZHOU - Authorities in Central China's Henan province said it would collaborate with the UK HPA (Health Protection Agency) and Birmingham Heartlands Hospital in a joint battle against AIDS.

The two sides have agreed to advance research on AIDS control and prevention by diagnosing and treating AIDS patients in Henan, among the worst hit of Chinese provinces by the epidemic, said Liang Rui, an official at the Health Department of Henan.

"Birmingham Heartlands Hospital has experience in treating AIDS patients with drug-resistance, and they are interested in our remedy that uses traditional Chinese medicines," Liang said.

Both sides will send experts and doctors on exchange tours. Doctors from Birmingham Heartlands Hospital will provide consulting services through the Internet, Liang said.

Liang said that as sexual transmission had overtaken blood sales and drug abuse as the main contamination channels of AIDS in Henan, the two sides would also share insight on AIDS prevention and control in high-risk populations.

The two sides will also cooperate in education, research for a cure, and the establishment of an epidemic monitoring system.

According to the Ministry of Health, China had more than 370,000 people infected with HIV by the end of October 2010, while Henan had 48,744 HIV carriers - more than 10 percent of the total figure.