China responds to US probe of Chinese auto parts

Updated: 2011-04-21 19:30
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BEIJING - A chamber of commerce representing China's steel wheel manufacturers has responded to an anti-dumping and countervailing probe launched by the United States on Tuesday, the chamber said on Thursday.

Three major US importers expressed their support for China's position, while more than 10 Chinese exporters have been working to respond to the anti-dumping and countervailing investigation, said an official with the China Chamber of Commerce of Imports and Exports of Machinery and Electronic Products.

This is the first anti-dumping and countervailing investigation into auto parts from China launched by the United States, according to the chamber.

In the past, China's steel wheel producers have been subject to anti-dumping investigations by South Africa, India, Australia and the European Union.

"Though legal costs will be high, we are determined to respond to the probe," said Jin Jiayan, Deputy General Manager of Zhejiang Jingu Company Limited, a leading steel wheel manufacturer in China.

US-based companies Accuride International and Hayes Lemmerz International, Inc. appealed on March 31 to the United States International Trade Commission (USITC) and the Department of Commerce (DOC) against the importation of steel wheels from China.

The two companies requested the launch of anti-dumping and anti-subsidy investigations into steel wheels and rims 18- to 24.5-inches in diameter.

The DOC began the probe process on April 19.

This is the 27th anti-dumping or anti-subsidy investigation launched by the US towards China.

China exported $80 million worth of steel wheels last year.