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Tip-off websites launched to curb corruption

Updated: 2011-02-09 21:15
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BEIJING - Chinese people can now tip the nation's courts off online if they think a judge or court official has acted corruptly, and can also see how their tip-offs develop online.

All provincial courts on China's mainland have launched websites to collect tips against corrupted judges, following the launch of a tip-off website by the Supreme People's Court (SPC), said a SPC statement to Xinhua on Wednesday.

"This is an important move that welcomes public supervision and battles corruption in the court system," the statement said.

The SPC website,, opened in May 2009, and provincial courts have begun to launch similar websites since February 2010.

Now all provincial websites have been linked to the SPC website, the statement said.

The courts' discipline department must respond to the tips and information on the websites within 10 working days and put how they have responded to them online.

The SPC discipline department will supervise the provincial websites' operation through an internal computer network, the statement said.