Train accident in HK's Ocean Park injures 7

Updated: 2010-12-05 16:07
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HONG KONG - Seven people were injured in a train accident in Hong Kong's Ocean Park at noon on Sunday, as the train grounded to a sudden halt in the middle of an uphill journey.

Four of the injured were sent to nearby hospitals and the three others left on their own, a spokesperson told Xinhua, adding that the accident was due to the startup of the rail braking system.

She said the funicular train, which runs through a tunnel and links the park's waterfront and hilltop attractions, suspended service after the accident.

The Electrical and Mechanical Department of the HK government has already started an investigation into the accident, the spokesperson said.

The underground train, named Ocean Express, starts transporting passengers in September 2009. It runs along a 1.3 km long rail and is able to transport 5,000 passengers per hour.

Ocean Park opened in 1977 and is now among the world's top 15 most visited theme parks.