Zhang Yan: To study in the United States

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Updated: 2010-11-30 09:26
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Zhang Yan: To study in the United States

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Fox TV's Lie To Me series generated a fever on micro-expression studies during Zhang Yan’s courses for medical psychology at Peking University. But she is not a fan of the police drama Criminal Minds because “it is bloody,” in her words.

A mushroom hairdo, glasses, gray suit dressed neatly. When you talk, she never interrupts but listens attentively, and responds in a calm way. It’s not difficult to imagine the graduate student in her first year as a potential psychological consultant, although she hesitates a bit on her career prospects.

"The whole institutional system for psychiatrists is still immature in China, including the training and occupational qualification. Some students of my major can only work in human resources."

Therefore, she is now busy preparing for the GRE and plans to pursue her PhD studies in the United States.

"I hope to work in universities to teach students, and at the same time I can provide psychological counseling – application of theories."

Zhang Yan thinks of her current life as a return to self-awareness, neglected in the five years of undergraduate study of Clinical Nursing.

"I once participated in many student activities because other people tell you it is important to develop skills like networking. After graduate study, I focus on what I really want to be and how to achieve the career dream. Just don’t go with the flow." Zhang still squeezes in time to work as an intern with her teachers at the hospital. In her observation, there are a great number of people suffering from depression, and in most cases family background contributes to anxiety and other mental problems of children.

"Family education is very important. My parents are quite liberal and support my study plan. There’s a long way ahead of me, and all I need is just to be more determined," she added.