Lai Jun: Looking for comprehensive freedom

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Updated: 2010-11-30 09:16
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Lai Jun: Looking for comprehensive freedom

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Six years after graduating from Tsinghua University, Lai Jun believes his life and work belief has remained the same: perseverance, hard work and adaptability can turn nobody into somebody.

As a senior consultant at Bó Lè Associates, a leading executive search firm in Asia, he enjoys his current responsibilities of developing business and executive programs to find the best human recourses for his clients, which include financial, media and new energy sectors.

"I don’t like routines. This job fits my personality and qualities, and I like to create value for the clients. "

Lai, born in 1982, described himself as “not money-driven, ambitious and calm,” and will continue to work in this industry because he sees headhunting as a growing industry in China.

The next 10 years will be a key period for career growth, he said. His dream in the near future is to improve his overall competence, including knowledge of psychology and socializing skills, through ways like taking an MBA or other master’s program.

But most important, freedom of movement, freedom of thought, freedom of choices and financial freedom are all core components of his definition of freedom.

Lai Jun didn’t complain a lot, although he was a bit worried that the income gap between the rich and the poor in China may lead to a crisis, such as riots.

"Some may say people like my generation are brainwashed, but I do appreciate the opportunities life has given to me, and the life quality is improving. I hope China becomes more powerful in the international arena and improve the sense of equality in our society."