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Students forced to sign life, death contract

(China Daily)
Updated: 2010-11-23 07:53
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China Scene: West

Lottery player learns he is rich while buying tickets

A resident of Usu, the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region, realized he had struck a 5-million-yuan ($752,800) lottery jackpot 10 days after the winning ticket number was announced.

The winner, surnamed Liu, bought five lottery tickets recently and as usual, put them under his television set at home.

Liu was unaware when the winning ticket was to be declared.

Two days after the announcement, Liu heard on the radio that a city resident had won 5 million yuan and the amount had still not been claimed. Clearly faithless in his luck, Liu still didn't check his tickets.

He only learnt he had won a big one when he went to the same lottery stand a few days later to purchase more tickets.

"I've been working in Xinjiang for eight years. And now I can finally buy an apartment for my family," Liu said.

(Xinjiang Television Station)

Chinese-American donates air force relics to city

Pedro Chan, a Chinese-American from Los Angeles, donated more than 1,100 pieces of relics of Flying Tigers to the city of Kunming, Yunnan province, recently.

Flying Tigers, also known as the 1st American Volunteer Group, were a group of American and Chinese pilots serving in the Chinese Air Force that fought against Japanese invading troops during World War II.

Chan and some Chinese-American Flying Tigers veterans and their relatives attended the opening ceremony of the exhibition, which was held in the historical site of Yunnan Ground Force Lecture Room.

Chan said he will donate the second batch of relics to the city by the end of the year.

(Xinhua News Agency)

Too shy to go to toilet, boy, 7, ends up in hospital

A 7-year-old Chongqing schoolboy who was too shy to ask his teacher for permission to use the toilet was hospitalized with a severe stomachache recently.

The boy said he had controlled himself for hours because he thought his classmates would laugh at him if he went to the toilet.

The boy's mother took him to the hospital after he complained of severe pain in his belly.

He was discharged after a doctor told him to pay a visit to the toilet.

(Chongqing Morning Post)

China Scene: North

Man, 60, held for stabbing 27-year-old 'gay partner'

Police in Changchun, Jilin province, have detained a 60-year-old man who allegedly injured his 27-year-old "partner".

According to the police, the suspect, Song, and Ge were sexually involved since 2009.

Song stabbed Ge with a kitchen knife after the latter refused to repay a 2,000-yuan ($300) loan to the former.

Song's daughter-in-law came to know of the incident and phoned the police.

(East Asia Business News)

Man loses court battle to 25-year-old jobless daughter

A court in Beijing's Haidian district on Wednesday dismissed the case of a man who sued his 25-year-old jobless daughter after she refused to move out of his house.

According to the man, surnamed Zhang, his daughter has not taken up a single job since she graduated from college three years ago.

He said he found several job vacancies for her, but she never showed up for any of the interviews.

"The jobs that my father found aren't those that I would like to do. I want to continue studying," the woman said in court.

Her father retaliated, saying, "My health is deteriorating and I still have to cook and wash clothes for my daughter."

The court ordered Zhang to let his daughter stay in his house for as long as she desires, for she has no source of income and no other place to stay.

(Beijing Times)

China Scene: Central

16 of family suffer from cataract, 11 operated upon

Sixteen members of a family in Luohe, Henan province, suffer from cataract, and 11 of them underwent surgeries free of charge recently with the help of a non-governmental organization.

Lifeline Express is devoted to helping cataract patients.

The 11 members of the family were operated upon last weekend, the NGO said.

(Dahe Daily)

Woman divorces man who told her to sleep with another

A woman in Kaifeng, Henan province, recently divorced her husband who became cold toward her after she took his advice and gave birth to another man's child.

A few years after their marriage, the husband was diagnosed with azoospermia and he asked his wife to have sex with another man so they could have a child.

However, when his wife actually got pregnant, the man stopped talking to her. The couple started fighting frequently after the child was born.

A local court gave sole custody of the child to the mother and directed her ex-husband to pay 2,000 yuan ($300) to her as compensation.

(Henan Business Daily)

Gang that sold old Peruvian currency at euro rate nabbed

Police in Wuhan, capital of Hubei province, recently arrested a gang of scammers who allegedly swindled nearly 1 million yuan ($150,730) by selling old Peruvian money as euro.

The four suspects attracted a number of unassuming customers with promises of selling euros at a very low rate - 1 euro for 7 yuan.

The "euros", however, were old Peruvian sol, 10,000 of which are worth less than 1 yuan. All their victims were 40-something women.

The case came to light in July, when a woman, surnamed Peng, who bought "euros" worth 170,000 yuan from the suspects, filed a police report.

Police recovered 80,000 Peruvian sol from the suspects, who claimed to have bought the currency from antique markets.

The ringleader, surnamed Zhang, said he frequently recruited new gang members to avoid police suspicion.

(Chutian Metropolis Daily)

(China Daily 11/23/2010 page7)

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