Ex-Taiwan leader gets 19 yrs in jail; no appeal

Updated: 2010-11-12 10:08
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TAIPEI -- Taiwan's surpreme court sentenced former leader Chen Shui-bian and his wife to 19 years in prison for bribery, a court official said on Friday.

The decision that cannot be appealed ends two in a web of cases against Chen's family, meaning the sentence could grow as the supreme court reviews other charges. A high court gave both Chen and his wife 20 years in June.

Chen, who has been in jail for two years pending trial, rejects the charges. He is talking to his lawyer about any possible last-ditch moves, a spokesman for his foundation said.

Late Thursday's court decision covers bribery cases related to a land development project and a political appointment.

Chen and his wife Wu Shu-jen also face charges of money laundering and misuse of public funds. The cases involve a total $20 million that prosecutors say was illegally taken while Chen was in office.