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China rejects 'invasive' ICA on climate change

By Li Jing (
Updated: 2010-10-06 20:40
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Tianjin - China's top climate negotiator Xie Zhenhua on Wednesday stated that the country's voluntary efforts supported by its own resources and technologies only accept "non-invasive" international consultation and analysis (ICA), which must respect the national sovereignty.

"The ICA should not be more stringent than MRV (meaning the actions should be measurable, reportable and verifiable), and should be in line with the principle of common but differentiated responsibilities," Xie said at the ongoing UN climate meeting in north China city Tianjin.

Under Copenhagen Accord reached last year in Denmark, China agreed ICA for the independent voluntary actions, although many developing countries don't.

China can not accept "insane" request of China's voluntary domestic actions to go through stringent MRV process, he added.