Real names required when buying knives

By Quan Li (
Updated: 2010-09-14 15:04
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Guangzhou is carrying out a real-name system for buying kitchen and large fruit knives, two months before the 16th Asian Games kicks off in November, the Guangzhou Daily reported Tuesday.

The measure is to safeguard public security during the Asian Games from Nov 12 to Nov 27.

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According to an announcement released by the Guangzhou public security bureau, names, ID numbers and uses should be registered when buying dangerous knives, including kitchen knives, large fruit knives, ceramic knives and craft knives. Local police also ordered that the dangerous cutting tools should be sold at fixed locations.

“Buying a kitchen knife? You have to leave your ID number,” said a cashier in a local supermarket in Guangdong, taking out a registration form that required the buyer’s identity information and the type and quantity of knives purchased.

Police will also penalize people carrying unsheathed, dangerous knives to public places or on public transportation, with a maximum fine of 100 yuan ($14.82). People should sheath the knives as a measure of protection, said the local police.