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China to create blacklist to enhance product quality

Updated: 2010-09-03 09:47
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BEIJING - China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) said Thursday it would urge industrial enterprises to produce high-quality products as part of the effort to enhance the image of "made in China."

The Ministry would also draw up a blacklist displaying the names of those firms breaching quality-related regulations, said Li Yizhong, Minister of the MIIT.

The MIIT would reward those companies that have good records for producing quality products with increased policy and funding support, and punish those with poor quality-control records, said Li at a forum held in Beijing which focused on how to improve the quality and reputation of Chinese industrial products.

The MIIT would also move forward on a campaign to allow enterprises to make promises on producing quality products, and work together with quality supervision authorities to incorporate the quality-based credit system of enterprises into the whole social credit system, Li said.

During the forum, 156 Chinese firms signed a written proposal "promising to make quality products for the world,"  and called upon their peers in China to raise the quality of industrial products.