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China to enhance army's capabilities

Updated: 2010-08-01 08:21
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BEIJING - China's armed forces will continue to enhance its capabilities and military readiness to safeguard sovereignty, security and development of the nation, Defense Minister Liang Guanglie said Saturday.

Liang made the remarks while addressing a reception held in Beijing to mark the 83rd anniversary of the founding of the People's Liberation Army (PLA) on August 1.

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"We will continue to strengthen the PLA's capability to accomplish diversified military tasks, particularly for winning regional wars under informationized circumstances, to firmly safeguard national sovereignty, security and development," he said.

He said China's core security interest will always guide the development of the Chinese army.

He said the army should strengthen military training, adopt more high and new technology weapons and equipment, improve military logistics and increase combat capabilities by using information technology.

The PLA will actively take part in and support economic development, keep sabotage of hostile and separatist forces at bay, and contribute to the development and stability of the country, he said.

Liang, also a member of the Central Military Commission (CMC) and a state councilor, said the army will continue to devote itself to the country's complete reunification while promoting a peaceful development of relations between the Chinese mainland and Taiwan.

"We will continue to oppose separatist activities of 'Taiwan independence' forces, while firmly safeguarding national sovereignty, security and territorial integrity," Liang said.

"The PLA will enhance exchanges and cooperation with armed forces of all countries, in accordance with the principles of mutual respect, equal negotiation, and reciprocity," he said.

"The Chinese army will also actively fulfill international responsibilities and obligations, and will contribute to the world peace and development," Liang said.

In August 1927, armed forces led by the Communist Party of China held an uprising against warlords. The first day of August was later designated as the PLA's founding day.