Former public security official gets 12 yrs in jail

Updated: 2010-07-23 22:09
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Former public security official gets 12 yrs in jail
Xiang Huaizhu
BEIJING - Xiang Huaizhu, former deputy director of the economic crimes investigation bureau under China's Ministry of Public Security, was sentenced Friday to 12 years' imprisonment for accepting bribes.

The Beijing No.2 Intermediate People's Court also ruled Xiang's 1 million yuan in personal assets be confiscated.

Prosecutors accused Xiang of accepting money and gifts worth more than 2 million yuan, including more than 1 million yuan, part of which came from Huang Guangyu, former chairman of Gome Electrical Appliances.

Xiang, 46, also accepted bribes when he worked for the public security bureau in Shandong.

Xiang's wife, Li Shanjuan, received a one-year and seven-month sentence. She worked in the ministry's audit bureau before she was arrested. Prosecutors accused her of accepting more than 170,000 yuan in bribes.

The couple were arrested for taking bribes in July 2009.

All the bribes and gifts have been confiscated, the court ruling said.