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Netizens vent anger over Google

(China Daily)
Updated: 2010-03-27 09:17
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Netizens vent anger over Google

BEIJING: Google's ploy to avoid censoring its search results in China by rerouting traffic through its Hong Kong servers came in for severe criticism from netizens on Friday.

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Irate netizens termed the whole exercise a "public relations gimmick" by the US search engine.

Making a case in point, a portal set up by several foreign lawyers living in China, said Google has failed in its efforts to free search services from censorship. All that they achieved from the controversy was to get the tag of a 'hero fighting against China's Internet censorship'.

They said Google's withdrawal from the China servers to Hong Kong has not led to the flow of 'uncensored' information for Internet users.

Warning netizens, the portal said Internet users might fall victim to a less-user-friendly Google, as users already find access to the Hong Kong based search portal extremely unstable.

Google has not played fair and got only 'cheated sympathy' from netizens, they said.

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