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We got it wrong on Hong Kong, Time magazine

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It is my observation that over the past 50 odd years since the founding of the PRC , the Western press and its army of " Chinese experts " have barely or rarely got anything right about China. The general theme was one of derision at the start. " China is just a passing phase " and " our Chinese will resume control soon ". This charade took on good and solid traction into the 60s because of the self harm episodes in China ( GLF & CR ) . There was glee, gloat and smirk all round , with the rubbing of hands and the coloured balloons at the ready to celebrate the collapse of China . As the saying goes " My impending demise was greatly exaggerated " shouted the PRC back !

Since the end of the 80s these same " China experts " have had to revise their vocabulary . The nudge nudge wink wink brigade has given over to the " oh my god " battalions. The more they ill-wish China, the more they had to swallow the bitter pills of disappointment and despair. If only eggs on faces can be quantified !

There is still a company or two out there who make a living cursing and creating bad karma for China. Their ranks are thinning and the are being scoffed at , as they should be. We have a few pretenders here in the forum , who are stridently still tugging at that lost cause. Graffiti of bad-mouth sloganeering and cliche still pour forth from those chasm of ill-will and mischief. It is a side-show we can afford to laugh at ; their predecessors were never right anyway .

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